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    About Private Tarot and Oracular Readings

    and Group Work with Eva


    Séance = session = sitting


    We sit with experiences, feelings, questions.

    We sit and receive, witness, reflect.


    Since ancient times, people have inscribed, drawn, painted, and sculpted symbolic images that serve as vessels for powerful, transformative energy. These diverse images focus attention, activate awareness, and alter consciousness, acting upon our bodies, emotions, psyches, and spiritual selves. The use of Tarot and oracular imagery in divination, meditation, and ritual partakes in this age-old tradition.


    A sitting with Tarot and other oracular systems reveals a dynamic collage of your past, present, and potential. Just as your present grows out of your fertile past, so does your future grow out of the person you are today, the resources you have, and the clear intentions you affirm. The future is influenced and shaped by shifts in your imagination, attitudes, ideas, and actions. Your reading can support you in discovering your soul’s blueprint and deciding how you will use it to build a strong, beautiful, rewarding life.


    The Roots of Who You Are and What You're Experiencing
    Everything you have experienced, felt, thought, learned, and chosen in life brings you to your current identity, status, and situation. Your sitting can examine these roots and help you better understand your present-day tendencies, choices, challenges, resources, and strengths.


    Your Current Energies and Realities
    Each moment of life is a gift that can be opened and explored. Your sitting can suggest ways to seize the precious opportunity of the moment.


    Your Potential
    Having a clear sense of where you’ve come from and where you are today can empower you to choose where you want to go and help determine the next steps to take. A sitting can help you assess your potential, clarify your preferences and goals, and identify appropriate actions for charting the best course for your desired future.


    Get the most out of your sitting:


    Most clients find that taking notes during a sitting divides their attention. As part of this service, I provide an mp3 recording of your sitting to free you to tune into your reading without fear of missing or forgetting something important. You'll receive a download link for the mp3. In the coming days, weeks, months, and even years, you’ll have your recording to turn to for information, affirmation, and support.


    Read more about how you can get the most out of a Tarot sitting here.


    Each sitting is unique:


    The nature and requirements of your specific questions determine the card layouts I use, and sometimes I will be moved to create a new layout on the spot.


    A sitting most often begins without questions but with a draw of one or more cards offering an open, thematic overview that will guide your understanding of the reading to come. You may then ask specific questions about your concerns. If necessary, I can assist you in shaping your issues and concerns into questions that can elicit the most useful answers.


    In addition to Tarot, I work with meditative practices that unlock and access the internal, dynamic energies of imagery. Your sitting might take the form of a personal quest for fresh information, direction and healing.


    Sittings are available in different formats:


    Initial or follow-up sittings are available by Zoom, Google Meet, or phone. Tarot can also be read for you--in response to your submitted questions or areas of concern--and transferred to you via mp3 recording. Due to the pandemic restrictions, no in-person sittings will be available.



    Listen to Eva's brief audio recording on using
    Tarot's Fool card in psychic development.
    Click here.


    Listen to an interview with Eva on "Tarot Talk" podcast (September 21, 2009)

    Click here.


    NEW: On November 1, 2021, Eva restarted her hummingwitch blog!

    Check out her CARD OF THE DAY/CARD OF THE WEEKEND posts,

    beginning November 2: here.



    Image and Psyche creative and innovative workshops on Tarot and oracular divination: Contact Eva for information on opportunities to host or attend an Image and Psyche workshop.



    Eva's clients describe their readings:

    "clarified my direction"
    "helped me to focus"
    "showed me options I hadn’t considered"






    Eva now hosts one or two small group séances every month by Zoom! Lightly-facilitated space is held for peer-supported as well as private (cameras/mics off) communing with the spirit within ourselves and Spirit we dwell within. Meditate. Write. Draw. Move. Sing. Divine. Rest. Listen. Share.


    Bring notetaking or journaling materials.


    Admission is free. Donations are appreciated and accepted via Venmo or Zelle.


    Contact Eva to inquire about these sessions, to get on the email announcement list, or to RSVP for the Zoom link.


    The tentative date for Eva's next group séance is Saturday, May 7 (1pm to 2:30pm Eastern). You're welcome to join. Just contact Eva to get on the email list. She'll send you the finalized date and Zoom link.


    Contact Eva to get on the email list for all Zoom séance announcements.

  • Fees and Ordering Services




    All sittings will run no longer than 60 minutes for a basic fee of $120, pre-paid via Venmo or Zelle. This service also entitles you to a recording of your reading.​ NEW: For Zoom readings, to get this recording, ask to be made a co-host. Once Eva makes you a co-host, you can press the Record button and set it to record directly to your own computer. If you set it to record to Zoom's cloud storage, be sure to download the recording files promptly (say, within a few days) to free up allotted space in the Zoom account.


    As an alternative, you can request a brief reading and send one question for $20. Upon pre-payment according to the policies outlined below, you will receive the link to a recording of your reading. These highly-focused recordings average 15 minutes.


    Please read PAYMENT POLICIES, and use the Contact Form below to request more details, schedule an appointment or order a service. I look forward to working with you!




    All services are offered by pre-payment through Venmo or Zelle. Pre-payment by personal check or credit card is not accepted.


    To pay via Venmo, download and use the free Venmo app. There's no fee for this quick, easy service. When you request a sitting, request my Venmo username to use with this payment service. For information on how to pay using Venmo, click here.


    To use Zelle, you will be asked to provide my email address. There's no fee for using Zelle to pay.




    Please note: If you cancel your appointment with less than 24-hours notice, your pre-payment will not be refunded. If you wish to reschedule your sitting, a pre-payment for your rescheduled sitting must be received and processed before a reservation for your next sitting can be confirmed.

  • Giving the Gift of Services


    A sitting can be purchased as a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one by pre-payment as outlined above. The service must be scheduled within three months following purchase. This expiration date will be extended only in the event that I cannot schedule a sitting within the remaining time.

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