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Tarot Yoga: Part 3

The High Priestess

Are your feet grounded? Is your head in alignment with your spine?
Are you stressing and endangering any part of yourself--body, mind or soul?
The High Priestess quickly detects any adjustments you might need to make. Allow her to show you were you are "off" in any way, and you will make progress.
She often works through a series of rather intensive questions--or just one big, unavoidable one suddenly dangling in front of your face.
She can manifest as external challenges and barriers to your movement--or internal doubts, anxieties and self-questioning. Believe it or not, for all of that, she can prove to be a powerful mentor and your best friend, if a difficult one for being so uncompromising.
She would prefer to hold you in place for a moment rather than allow you to make an impulsive misstep and fall on your face for being unprepared and half-assed.
High Priestess yoga involves acceptance of temporary discomfort and willingness to use it as a guide to your right way in life.
What is right for you? How can you make things right? And then how can you move forward to the next stage of challenge, responsibility and action?
Be sure to keep a notebook--even a small memo pad--somewhere close to hand to capture the questions that arise and to work through the insights that follow. I'd also recommend keeping a large sketchpad at home to diagram the careful steps that the High Priestess will suggest to you. Remember, she is expert at selecting the ingredients for a crafted spell that will work!
(c)2015, Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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