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Tarot Yoga: Part 2

The Magician

I look at The Magician and am reminded of Mountain Pose...and mountains. Planting my feet gently but firmly on my mat. Standing with my weight equally distributed, evenly supported from foot to foot. Making contact with the Earth, my home and the reality of this current life and temporal identity. Stretching up from this base to the sky and heavens beyond. Feeling energy moving through me in both directions--above and below. Staying focused in purpose so that ideas can build physical form in this plane.
Mountain Pose is centering, calming, reassuring. It is also dynamic, a place from which to breathe and to begin...anything. So much can come from the mountain.
The Magician's tools are arrayed all around. Sword. Cup. Wand. Pentacle. Air. Water. Fire. Earth.
From these basic elements, a world or many worlds can spring.
State your intention--what do you want to create, to manifest?--then stand in the classic Magician posture from the Rider Waite imagery: body erect, right arm pointed up, left arm pointed down for several minutes. Afterwards, take some time with your journal to write of your experience.
(c)2015, Eva Yaa Asantewaa
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